Coral Oral Charcoal-Infused Floss Picks

Coral Oral Charcoal-Infused Floss Picks


Introducing Coral Oral Activated Charcoal-Infused Floss Picks, 150-count value size with travel case. These floss picks are meticulously crafted to provide you with a refreshing and effective oral care experience. With their unique features and powerful benefits, these floss picks are a must-have addition to your dental hygiene routine.

Designed for durability, the Coral Oral Charcoal-Infused Floss Picks are shred, stretch, and break resistant, ensuring a seamless flossing experience every time. The angled pick allows for easy access to hard-to-reach areas, effortlessly removing plaque and trapped food particles, promoting a healthier smile.

Infused with activated charcoal, these floss picks go beyond traditional oral care by effectively fighting bad breath and reducing tooth decay. Activated charcoal's natural properties help neutralize odors and eliminate bacteria, giving you a clean and fresh feeling throughout the day.

To achieve optimal results, follow our simple directions for flossing. Guide the floss between your teeth and gently slide it between the gum and the tooth. With a gentle up and down, as well as back and forth motion, keep the floss pressed against the tooth for a thorough clean.

In addition to flossing, our floss picks double as toothpicks. With the included directions, guide the pick into the spaces between your teeth. Use a gentle in and out motion to clean your teeth and stimulate your gums, promoting overall oral health.

Each package contains 150 floss picks, providing you with a generous supply to keep your smile radiant and healthy. The convenient travel case ensures that you can maintain your oral care routine wherever you go, making it perfect for travel or on-the-go use.

Choose Coral Oral Activated Charcoal-Infused Floss Picks - the perfect blend of convenience, effectiveness, and oral care innovation. Elevate your dental hygiene routine and experience the refreshing difference for yourself. From Da Soil is committed to helping you achieve a healthier and more confident smile, one floss pick at a time.

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