Lizzie’s Brow Pow & Edge Growth Serum

Lizzie’s Brow Pow & Edge Growth Serum


If you've ever faced the challenge of over-plucked eyebrows or excessive waxing, Lizzie’s Brow Pow & Edge Growth Serum is here to help. Experience enviously healthy, thick, and beautiful brows in as little as six to eight weeks with this remarkable serum.

This powerful serum is packed with carefully selected ingredients known for their hair-nourishing properties. The combination of Castor oil and Jojoba oil works wonders for revitalizing and stimulating natural eyebrow regrowth. We've also added black castor oil, which specifically nourishes the hair follicles and helps bring your brows back to life, resulting in fuller and stronger brows over time.

Jojoba oil, rich in vitamins C, B, and E, as well as zinc and copper, is a vital component in our Brow Pow & Edge Growth Serum. These essential vitamins and minerals provide the necessary nutrients for healthy eyebrow regrowth, ensuring your brows regain their natural beauty.

Experience the convenience of our serum's roller applicator, which allows for mess-free and effortless application. Simply apply the serum along your brows or hair edges once or twice a day, following the provided directions, and watch as your brows flourish.


  • Start with a clean, dry palette.
  • Apply the serum along your brows or hair edges by rolling the product onto the desired area. For optimal results, apply once a day, preferably at night. For edges, apply daily, twice a day.

Lizzie's Brow Pow & Edge Growth Serum contains essential oils in less than 2% concentration, ensuring that the product is not left with a strong scent. These oils, when combined, aid in speeding up the natural growth process, giving your brows the care they need.

Restore your brows to their full glory with Lizzie's Brow Pow & Edge Growth Serum. Embrace the power of natural ingredients and witness the transformation of your eyebrows over time. From Da Soil, we believe in the beauty of natural brows and this serum is designed to help you regain that beauty effortlessly.

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